Our company is located in Calpe.

The core business of our company is acting as an intermediary, selling and buying real estate of any kind at the Costa Blanca. By the coast as well as inland. We also provide renovations and construction in general. It goes without saying that we will offer our services before and after the purchase of a property.

Every passing of a property will be handled by our law firm, guaranteeing carefully checked paperwork and formalities. This will undoubtedly not bring any extra costs to our clients. This law firm is also available for other legal businesses and advisories.

We and all employers of our connected firms are either Spanish or have lived in Spain for several years. Naturally we also speak your language.


General information

The buying of a property is a matter of trust. People often act too fast because of the image they have (sun, sea, palm trees, holiday feelings, a new life etc). The most important task of a real estate agent is to help you with your decisions, to show you things that have to be done and to prepare everything for you. You should also be aware that life in Spain is different than life in your own country.

There are many things that you need to keep in mind in order to find the right property for you. That is the second task for your real estate agent. He will have to make sure that even after many years you still can enjoy your property in Spain and live happily.

There will be some costs of course (commissions), however, these do not relate at all to possible losses due to lack of advice. Only do business with serious businesses. Do not buy your property form "the guy you met in that bar". Many people before you have thought they'd get the deal of a lifetime that way, by buying without a decent agent. And finally they paid a lot more than the commission an agent would have received. Buying without an agent gives you no guarantee for a correct and fast completion.



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