Costa Blanca


The Costa Blanca is famous for its coast of more than 218 kilometres which is characterized by sandy beaches and a calm sea. Because of the approximately 300 days of sunshine we have an agreeable weather the whole year. The gentle sea and the hills which are extending in the water create a special atmosphere.



  The Costa Blanca is a popular tourist region which belongs to the province Alicante. It is situated in the southeast of Spain and it is the most southern province of the autonomous region Valencia. There are excellent connections with the remaining Spain and Europe. An international airport, a wide transport system consisting of country roads, expressways and motorways are at your disposal.





 The countryside is marked by a wide coast and offshore hills which are up to 1500 meters high. Alicante is the second-mountainous region in Spain. There are also a lot of nature parks, coastal mountains and marshland with a high ecological value.






The countryside is characterized by a wide coastal strip with steep coasts, beaches and isolated bays. The mild weather and the average water temperature of 17 degrees make it possible to do water sport activities during the whole year.




Nautical activities

There are more than 20 marine and sport ports, 900 moorings and 3 shipping stations. The Costa Blanca is a perfect region for shipping because of the great range of services a nd infrastructure. The selection of water sport activities especially sailing and diving is one of the most popul ar of the wholeMediterranean coast.






The Costa Blanca is a paradise for golf-enthusiasts. Playing golf is possible during the whole year because of the special climate and the simple journey to the most important tourist centres. The golf courses which are situated especially at the coast are completely equipped. At the moment there are more than 15 golf courses which are all easy to reach by motorway or expressway.




 The wide range of active tourism in the province extends from hiking and climbing tours to riskier activities like bungee or slope descending. Besides there are schools for paragliding and ultra-light planes at your disposal. Especially cyclists are attracted by the Costa Blanca. Notably in winter a lot of pro cyclists from all over the world as well as senior citizens’ clubs and enthusiasts come here for training.

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